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We create solutions that solve your business pain, respond market needs, transform internal operations, and follow the latest digital trends

Custom software development services

Create a solution that solves your business pain, responds market needs, transforms internal operations, and follows the latest digital trends. Boopro specialists support you at every stage of software development life-cycle: from concept development to product deployment and support

Mobile app development

To empower your brand identity, attract customers, and solve everyday business challenges, Boopro mobile developers use well-proven agile practices, design thinking, and a client-focused approach in custom mobile apps development.

Web app development

Our experience in building web applications is gained through cooperating with companies that follow various business models and operate in various business domains, including FinTech, Media & Entertainment, e-Commerce, and others.

Smart TV app development

Smart TV app development presents a great opportunity for telecoms, media companies, internet service providers, broadcasters, who want to reach a broad audience and improve the consumer experience.

Product design

We excel in crafting web designs as well as mobile designs – from user research to UX/UI design, to branding. Do you have an existing application that you want to refurbish? Or maybe you want to build a completely new digital product from scratch?

Types of contracts we offer

The diversity of your business objectives and requirements, induce the multiplicity of contract models we suggest

Sketchy project concept

Changeable workflow

Poorly defined target market

High control requirements

The Time and Material approach is focused on small and mid-sized businesses as it best suits complex and long-term projects. Ongoing projects that are at the testing or bug fixing stage and projects that require maintenance or support are also suitable for T&M.

To start working by Time and Material approach, we estimate and agree on the particular scope of work, not the full project. This makes us more flexible in time management and planning.

Defined time frames

Detailed specification

Short-term project or MVP

No changes planned

The Fixed price cooperation model is suitable for startups and projects with a limited project scope. We estimate the time and budget required to deliver an MVP before the development starts and handle all the management tasks.

The price is usually based on a specified amount of work and cannot be changed once the contract is signed. Fixed Price contract performs best if you have clear requirements and determined deadlines or limited budget for software development.

Suitable for complex projects

Long-term collaboration

Global market targeting

Desired involvement level

The Dedicated Team approach best works for enterprise projects. There are two scenarios we’re faced with the most frequently – Dedicated team to build a product from scratch and a Dedicated team for further development.

Whether you need a full project team or you need extra developers to supplement your in-house team for any purpose, the Dedicated team model is the right choice. You may take on all management responsibilities or we can handle everything for you.

Mobile app development

We build native and hybrid apps for iOS and Android platforms with the most progressive technologies

Web app development

We offer web app development services of any complexity for startups, mid-sized companies, and enterprises

Smart TV app development

We help content providers, distributors, and telecoms bring live and on-demand OTT services for smart TV platforms

Product Design

We build interfaces that are effortless, intuitive, immersive and seamlessly guide users in performing the desired action

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