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Web Development

Development of presentational website, an e-shop, a smaller or more demanding web applications, each of these services can be provided by our team of web developers.

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Mobile Development

We provide development services for IOS, Android and Windows applications. Boopro team will give you a solution to expand your business to mobile and tablet devices.

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Web & Graphic Design

Our web and graphic desigers are proficient in finding a solution in a simple but creative way with a modern touch, a strong sense of artistry, balance and forward-thinking.

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Boopro - Web Development Services

We are Boopro, based in Serbia, city of Nis. Our team provides variety of sevices in domain of Information Technologies, all accustomed to your needs.

We started with an idea to gather experienced developers and to make a team which can provide professional services on the highest level.


Our team achieves first results. We start to get satisfied clients one by another. Our story began to move in desired direction.


Right people began to recognize our work and our idea. They became part of it and gave us more power to implement the idea into work.

happy clients

Boopro starts to work on bigger and more demanding projects with clients all around the world.


We maintained high standards in providing services to our clients. We didn’t get distracted from the initial idea that our client must be the priority.


Boopro team gets a lot of experience during this journey. Our development skills became stronger, our customer care became better and we are advancing in every field faster than before.


Of course, Boopro story will continue to grow, we are open to every new experience that is coming. Our road map will expand and it will have an entirely separate page for itself.



Web Development

We typically build applications from scratch to meet your requirements. Our extensive experience makes it quicker. Whether it is an innovative idea changing the world or craving a new niche in a crowded marketplace competing against established players. We are here to help you to make it happen.

Our team has a cross-platform, multi-industry experience of building products that work on different devices. We develop, upgrade, maintain and support web-based applications and database-driven websites.

In technical terms our core expertise is developing web-based software (web applications) although you may use a different term: database application, web solution, web site, web portal, intranet, CMS, CRM, back-office software, etc. Web or mobile – they are really the same thing nowadays.

We work with PHP, JavaScript, .NET with HTML5/AJAX and utilising many different frameworks on the front end, developing solutions for PCs, tablets and smartphones. We integrated our apps with 100s of different services and APIs.

Mobile Development

Let users connect to your web application without a browser using new and advanced web based technologies

Our dedicated mobile app developers love creating apps and it's their passion. As a result, iOS and Android App development has been our forte for years. We help you build apps for your business, consumers and enterprise. So far, we've launched many successful apps for our clients as well as for agencies when they outsource to us.

iPhone and iPad applications

Android applications

Windows/Mac/Linux desktop applications

API & Web services (SOAP & REST)

Firefox and Chrome extensions

Web & Graphic Design

We gain an understanding of your website users and design solutions to meet their needs and requirements

Intelligent design is to strike a perfect balance between the way something looks and how it functions. The design team at Boopro is a pro at designing innovative interfaces tailored specially to meet your needs. We churn-out products that provide the end-user with the most refined experience.

All our websites are responsive (mobile friendly). Responsive websites allow a site to adapt to different screen sizes, so you can offer visitors the best possible experience.

Workflow with our clients

Project Introduction

We start the project by meeting you and your goals and expectations from this project. It is always nice that the user informs us as much as possible about the business so that we can start looking in the right direction, and maybe give you a few pointers or ideas on how you can prosper additionally in your field on the web. Thorough analysis of the market and competition is needed to make a plan that turns their flaws into your advantages.

Making Proposal

Defining our goals and plans for the project happens in this phase. We think that strategy is the key to success, that's why we like to take care of every detail that we can think of. Our proposals are usually hourly quotes, that answer the questions which are: what we will do, when and how.

Coding Part

An agreement with the client is found, and we have a green light to start the coding. When it comes to development, our team implements the latest and fastest technologies in this field to secure efficient realization of your goals. We also use the modern project management softwares, which provides the client, during the development, at any time he has complete insight about what has been done, and if he has any suggestions or comments, he is welcome to post them, because only like that we can achieve our common goal.


Every website and/or application development needs to go trough phase of detailed testing which includes manual testing, and testing with the aid of software tools. This combined approach secures usability and quality of the code for your application. When talking about responsive design, we check and adjust compatibility with devices so that the app can work flawlessly on any screen. When the testing is finished, we deliver the project that is ready to come to life. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the

Maintance and Support

When the website is live, our cooperation does not end there. Boopro is at your service for all your questions, and we will support you in maintaining the website. Tracking the statistics and improving technical and design elements are of huge importance for the future of the project. Also, depending on your goals, we can help you with marketing campaigns for internet browsers (SEM), and marketing campaigns for social medias (SMM) or advanced optimization for the browser (SEO) for your project.

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