Transparent process and pricing model

Our goal is to make long-lasting partnerships with our clients. However, every relationship requires trust.

That’s why we lay out out the full process and business models. So you could have all the information before you even think about reaching out.

Agile, Waterfall, hybrid project management... But in reality, adjusted to your specific project

Although we work by current project management methodologies, we prefer hybrid models. Every project has its challenges and by holding to a method at all costs, you might lose sight of the bigger picture.

However, here’s a basic structure we use for all projects.

Discovery phase

Pick a business model that alligns with your needs

Time & Material

In a nutshell, we estimate and agree on the particular scope of work and track the time needed for completion.

The Time & Material approach is ideal for long-term projects where you need ultimate budget control while defining some steps of the roadmap on the go. It's also perfect for somewhat unpredictable projects, such as testing, bug fixing, or maintenance and support.

Hybrid T&M

Apart from the traditional Time & Material model, we offer a flexible option that combines the best of the Fixed Price model and T&M model. In the Hybrid T&M model, we define project units and fixed pricing for each of them. However, after each milestone, we re-estimate time and pricing for the next milestone. This allows you to have more budget control and savings down the road, and avoid the hassle of having to go through too many time shoots, especially during bigger projects.

FTAL Model

Full Team Assembly and Leasing (FTAL) Model is a type of collaboration where we assemble a team based on your needs and requirements and lease it out to your company. They work as your in-house team, under your managers and according to your processes-while we handle the offices, HR, and financial procedures. We have no influence on the projects or working processes. We have casual check-ins to make sure everything is going well. This is great for companies with long-term projects that wish to augment their team quickly, stay in control of all the processes, while avoiding the administration and recruitment.


Ready-to-Work Team (CNT) Model is a type of service where you get an already assembled, fully functional team (engineers non-engineering workers (QA. PM, PO..)) from our network of pre-vetted teams This model is perfect for you if you have unexpected peaks that need to be solved quickly, but you don't need to hire a dedicated team... Or you have a startup idea you'd like to see brought to the market quickly. You provide us with a point of contact from a person from your inhouse team that coordinates with the contact person from the RTW team. We do all the rest-from finding the team to connecting you and handling the administration.

Certified Scrum Masters

Communicate freely with no managerial overhead. Both you and your team get constant support from the Scrum Masters to make sure things go the best way possible.

Time zones are not a problem

Do you feel that time difference affects communication? Fear not. Weekly calls, regular planning sessions, and access to interactive comm channels do the trick.

Accurate time logs for the work done

How do you know whether your billing is accurate? Simply check the time logs, any time you need.

NDA on request

We understand you may want to protect your idea in all ways possible. We're open to signing NDAs, and we can do it in a snap by using electronic signatures.

Direct access to development environment and developers

Chat directly with developers that work on your project and solve issues quickly

Laravel/Vue.js project
client under NDA

We were very pleased with their know-how and their professionalism. They gave us very good advice and actively thought about and shared their thoughts.

Laravel/Vue.js project
client under NDA

We were very pleased with their know-how and their professionalism. They gave us very good advice and actively thought about and shared their thoughts.

Do you need more engineers for your project?

Feel free to contact us directly or to browse around and find out more about the team you'll be working with.

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