We are a Smart TV app development company also creating web and mobile apps

while working with corporate-level, yet everyday-friendly team of engineers

  • At Boopro Tech, you’ll find 25+ hardworking people who have made software
    for companies of all sizes and in many industries.
  • Now, we’re specializing in Smart TV app development, OTT/IPTV industry.
  • We infuse corporate-level projects with a friendly tone, nurture transparent
    communication at all times, and find tenacity to endure inevitable hectic periods.

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Learn by doing

  • None of our founders had a linear career. We became entrepreneurs right after college.
  • We had to learn many How-To-s go - how to create systems, manage a business, find and retain clients, manage a crisis.
  • Being open to every new experience, not constrained by “common practices”, allowed many business virtues to become a part of our muscle memory.

Communication as a selling point

  • 8 out of 10 reviews of software development companies touch on the lack of communication or misaligned expectations.
  • That was our ticket to differentiation.
  • We developed communication systems that promote transparency, precise estimation, and a feeling that you’re not getting a service only, but a partner at your side.

“ We went on and hired another company. Only to come back because we couldn’t find a vendor that matches their communication and collaboration style ”

Values we live by

With so many people onboard, it's important to find a cross section between personal values if you wish to build a strong team.


We enjoy happy times, but we also work on resilience for hectic times.


We enjoy happy times, but we also work on resilience for hectic times.

Inner drive

We enjoy happy times, but we also work on resilience for hectic times.

Feel the atmosphere inside the company

It makes us proud that many team members made their first steps in tech right here in Boopro Tech.

Giving back to the community

The community gave us a lot when we were just starting out.That’s why we hold workshops and lectures at the local university and business gatherings.

Laravel/Vue.js project
client under NDA

We were very pleased with their know-how and their professionalism. They gave us very good advice and actively thought about and shared their thoughts.

Laravel/Vue.js project
client under NDA

Always impressed by the quality of their delivery. Top drawer!"

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