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Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of working with Boopro?
Here are some advantages of working with Boopro Tech company:

  • Boopro Tech is based in Serbian city – Niš, so our services cost less than Western Europe or US companies offer. However, the quality of our products is as high as theirs.
  • Our team consists of the highly qualified professionals that produce outstanding products to our clients.
  • Our Sales Managers will make a free estimation of your future project.
  • You’ll get a comprehensive consultation from our Project Managers about your project.
  • We also offer a post-release support and promotion services for our clients.
What do I say to my investors if they don't want me to outsource my company's software development?

In case you are a startup, there is a great number of reasons why you should outsource software development:

  • Software development is not your key competency
  • You are planning to hire developers to your company but you want to have an MVP first and validate your idea before you make a large investment
  • The outsourcing company you are hiring has an outstanding track record and charges less than an in-house team of developers.
If I have design ready, can you start right from app development?

Yes, we can. We are ready to use your materials as a foundation of a future app. However, we will have to revise everything you will provide us with to make sure we eliminate the risks of failure. All possible downsides are improved by our experienced team members.

What development services can I receive from Boopro?

Boopro team delivers the best development solutions for Web, Smart TV, and Mobile (iOS and Android).
Boopro provides not only development services but also Design and Marketing services.

Can Boopro build my app from scratch?

Yes. We have great experience in creating products from scratch, including mobile and web applications, and different web products. Our team headed by Project Managers can provide you with all development solutions from shaping the idea to post-release support.

How much will my project cost? How much does it cost to develop an app?

Boopro aims to deliver outstanding projects to our customers, not to make big money. That’s why the cost of your project will depend only on the development process cost. It usually includes the complexity and duration of your project, and the type of technologies used.

Here are approximate estimates for different types of projects:

  • Small projects (an app with 4-5 key features, not counting static content or sign in): $5-$15K
  • Middle-sized projects (an app with 6-9 key features, not counting static content or sign in): $20-40K
  • Big projects (an app with 10-15 key features, not counting static content or sign in): $50K and more

What’s more, our company offers clients fixed priced projects, so there is no risk for you to spend more money in case of overruns during the development process.

This is outside my budget. Are you really worth the cost?

In reality, the question is about how much you value your investments. The global market of IT outsourcing can offer options at lower costs from the less experienced talents’ pool. No wonder, many of the solutions created by them perform poorly. When taking a buying decision, get ready that you’ll get what you’re paying for.

Can we work under a fixed-price contract?

Yes, indeed. The type of contract we give preference to is a Fixed-price contract due to its cost-effectiveness and lower risks.

Will I have to manage the engineers?

No. All management activities can be conducted by our Technical Project Managers. They are experienced engineers who will outline, staff, and manage the project throughout all stages of development. They also can carry out the CTO activities or work in association with your current CTO.

What happens when my project ends?

After the product is built and we made sure it’s of the best quality, your Project Manager sends you the complete deliverables (this can the designs or zip file with your project code). However, at this point, we don’t finish up the relationship with our clients. Whenever they decide to scale their project or develop additional features, they are welcome to turn to us.

Mobile app development

We build native and hybrid apps for iOS and Android platforms with the most progressive technologies

Web app development

We offer web app development services of any complexity for startups, mid-sized companies, and enterprises

Smart TV app development

We help content providers, distributors, and telecoms bring live and on-demand OTT services for smart TV platforms

Product Design

We build interfaces that are effortless, intuitive, immersive and seamlessly guide users in performing the desired action

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