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We provide both back-end and front-end development. Our teams build web applications powered by bulletproof code, with stunning interfaces based on responsive web design

Our web development experience

We offer web app development services of any complexity for startups, mid-sized companies, and enterprises. Looking out for trends and latest technologies, we monitor performance and work towards continuous improvement and optimization of web products.

Excellent Front-end experiences

If you expect your app to be user-friendly, intuitive, and beautiful at the same time – you’re in the right place. Get your web application done with extreme care of functionality and visual quality.

Perfectly crafted Back-end solutions

Boopro team consists of early adopters in the world of programming languages and frameworks. Our web applications are always built with top-notch technologies.

Tailor-made builds

No matter what your product is – e.g. educational software, e‑health, SaaS or bots – our developers will offer custom solutions suited exactly to your clients’ needs and product specifics.

Rock solid productivity tools

Our team uses top productivity tools and reliable services to speed up product development. Think Amazon Web Services, Stripe, Auth0, Contentful, They help us launch your MVP in the speed of light.

The Process – How do we build web applications?

We can work with you on three different stages. During the exploration stage, together, we define your needs, later we build end to end solution for you, and finally, we provide maintenance and support for your app.

Technologies for advanced web apps

In delivering scalable, flawlessly working apps, top-notch technology stack is a must. Here are the web development solutions we rely on to deliver high quality applications.


A perfect library for dynamic, state-of-the-art applications.  React can be used as a base in the development of single or mobile applications. 


One of the smallest and fastest JavaScript frameworks – only what you need to build modern apps. Suitable for both small and large-scale Single Page Application.


Angular flawlessly solves the widest variety of software development problems that center around building apps with its powerful data binding and other features. 


The must-have combo for any web application software.

Laravel PHP framework

Laravel development offers a standardized MVC-based process of building fast, modularized, and very scalable Laravel-based web applications.


The Node.js platform is a server-side runtime environment based on JavaScript. The framework that empowers developers to create scalable, real-time applications. 

3rd Party integration

Our integrated 3rd party payment gateways and e-Payment system to your web portal opens it up to more customers. More payment options can lead to more sales.

Cloud application scaling

The cloud services platform allows us to ensure the right scaling options –just like in the traditional SaaS model.

Frequently asked questions

How does a Web application work?
A typical Web app’s workflow looks like this-

Firstly, the user triggers a request to the web server, the web server then forwards the request to the appropriate web application server. Once, the request is forwarded, the Web application server performs the requested task and sends results to the web server. The web server next responds back to the users filled with the requested information.

What is the difference between a Native App and a Web App?

A web app works via the web browser and requires either wi-fi or cell signal for its functioning whereas the Native app is installed directly on the mobile phone. In most cases, depending upon the nature of the app, Native apps can work without using an internet connection.

What is the best platform to build Web Applications?

There are many platforms to build web applications, a few popular among them are-

  • ReactJs
  • Angular.js
  • Laravel
  • Node.js
What are the models of Web Applications?

The components of Web Applications can be arranged in different models-

  • Single Web Server
  • Single Web Server + Database Server
  • Multiple Web Server + Single Database Server
  • Multiple Web Servers + Multiple Database Servers

Mobile app development

We build native and hybrid apps for iOS and Android platforms with the most progressive technologies

Web app development

We offer web app development services of any complexity for startups, mid-sized companies, and enterprises

Smart TV app development

We help content providers, distributors, and telecoms bring live and on-demand OTT services for smart TV platforms

Product Design

We build interfaces that are effortless, intuitive, immersive and seamlessly guide users in performing the desired action

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